Thursday, March 8, 2012

5 Unique Honeymoon Destinations... Right Here On The US Mainland!

For my husband and I, our honeymoon decision came with some rather strict guidelines; I could not leave the US mainland (yes even to go to Hawaii, just incase my flight got rerouted to Canada!) because should I leave, I would not be permitted entry back into the USA. Which I am sure you can appreciate is not the ideal newlywed situation. My K1 Visa regulations were crystal clear and so our thinking caps went on!

Where could we venture to within the US mainland, that would offer us the sensation of being abroad. We needed a destination that would be unforgettable, completely out of the ordinary and most importantly, that was romantic beyond compare. After 6 months apart and freshly shared vows, this was our chance to really stop and smell the roses. To appreciate how far we had come and happy we were. We knew it had to be good.

Well, it turns out that there are rather a lot of amazingly unique honeymoon experiences to be had, a lot closer to hand than we first realized. Below we have shared our own honeymoon shortlist... I hope they WOW you too!

Paws Up Resort -  This Montana resort brings rustic charm and luxury together in an ever popular movement known as 'glamping' (glam+camping!). This is certainly a new twist on 'roughing it', but if you love nature this is a great way to be a part of it without compromising the usual newlywed luxuries. With stunning charm, five star service and breathtaking views (quite literally on your doorstep), this is certainly a romantic adventure you'll never forget.

Paws Up Resort, Montana

Little Palm Island -  Located in Little Torch Key in sunny Florida, this private island resort prides itself on sheltering it's guests from the outside world. As a result you won't find telephones or televisions inside it's suites and guest access to WiFi is limited to the Great Room. Granted for some this might sound like a nightmare but for many others this is the perfect, uninterrupted island escape.

Little Palm Island, Florida

Jekyll Island Club Hotel -  A masterpiece of old world charm, this hotel is dripping in privilege, history and romance. With many adventures to be had on the island itself; hiking, horse trails, numerous beachfront restaurants and carriage rides to name just a few, this is a vacation spot built upon natural beauty and southern elegance. If history is your thing, check this out.

Jekyll Island Club Hotel, Georgia

Cheeca Lodge and Spa -  Located in Islamorada, close to the Florida Keys, this historic lodge is a self proclaimed 'lush oceanfront retreat'. Known for it's hospitality, tropical seclusion and world-class fishing this is a resort where the luxuries come fast and on mass. With elegant touches such as ocean view soaking tubs, this is a prime destination for honeymooners who like things to be just a little unique.

Cheeca Lodge and Spa, Florida

Devil's Thumb Ranch, Resort and Spa - A perfect combination of rustic romance and relaxation, this Colorado resort offers unforgettable views and endless activities to keep you smiling. With recreational options such as; horse riding, snowmobiling, rafting, kayaking and mountain biking, boredom is not an option at this ranch. Partner that with a rustic tavern, fireplace seating and warm hospitality and you've got a recipe for recovery and relaxation after each and every thrilling adventure.

Devil's Thumb Ranch, Colorado


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