Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Ultimate K1 Visa Packet Checklist!

Here's what you need to know to get that scary first packet ready! Just remember be as thorough as you can, never cut corners and label, label, label until it's perfectly fool proof! This checklist is a first had example of what my now husband and I submitted for our K1 Visa application and we were accepted and interviewed within 6 months... please only use this information as a resource though, trust me research is power when it comes to Visas!

Cover Letter - State who you both are (potential immigrant is beneficiary, US Citizen is petitioner), what you're applying for (we dove into the world of the K1 Fiance Visa) and provide a checklist of everything included in the packet! Make sure the petitioner signs and dates this.

Payment - Either money order or a check is acceptable for this. Word to the wise though, always check at the latest cost quotes for whatever visa you are applying for. They do change from time to time and whether you underpay or overpay, any wrong amount will result in a RFE (referral for evidence) and the delay of your forms entering the system.

Form I-129F 'Petition For Alien Fiance'... This needs to be filled out by the petitioner (the US citizen) but requires a bit of team work when it comes to fiance information.

Form G-325a 'Biographic Information'... This needs to be filled out by both the beneficiary (the one who isn't a US citizen) and the petitioner (the US citizen). You will also be asked for your a list of your places of residence and employment history within the last 5 years, so get thinking! A separate sheet is fine for these since they can get a bit lengthy, just make sure you are clear about what fits with what question and keep it all together in the packet.

Form G-1145 (optional) 'E-Notification of Application'... worth your time if you like to have updates through email/text as opposed to just snail mail, although like anything related to the USCIS don't rely on this to be right on time.

A formal explanation of how you met one another in the last 2 years. Again, be sure to sign and date this, petitioner! This links directly to question 18 on Form I-129F and so should be referenced as such. Two or three sentences will work just fine here.

A declaration from EACH of you stating that you do indeed intend on marrying this person and therefore are petitioning to do so! You should be clear with your intent to marry within 90 days of entering the USA on your (hopefully soon approved) K1 Visa. As with all things, sign and date.

One passport photo of the US Citizen and one of the foreign fiance... make sure that you write the full name of each person on the back of each in pencil. Then place each photo in it's own bag and label that bag 'photo of...', staple the bag if you can to a sheet of paper and place that behind or in front of each persons own G-325a (Biographic Information) form. Yes, it does need to be that complicated!

Copy of the US Citizen's birth certificate OR their naturalization certificate... this is simply to verify that you are in fact legally able to sponsor another person entering the States.

Copy of any Divorce or Death decree that adheres to any previous marriages for either person.

Proof of having met within the last 2 years... things that worked well for us were; printed color photos with names, location, event and dates on the back, hand written letters that had dated/stamped envelopes, engagement ring receipt, copies of engagement cards signed by clearly stated family figures i.e. Mum, Dad, Aunty June etc., flight ticket stubs/itinerary print outs, facebook email conversations, phone records, photos involving family members from both sides where possible and stated so. I also added in a few random items such as a receipt from a local Mac Store for the weekend we said we met, to prove that I was in town when I said I was. Little things like that...

My main advice is simplicity! If you can lay it all out and label it in a way that is actually fool proof, the chances that you will face a hold up or more information will be required from you (that could slow down processing) is definitely reduced. I actually have had more than one immigration officer thank me for taking the time to be so over organized and state what a pleasure it was to work with a file like ours! Happy filing!

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  1. Thanks! I'm going through the same thing and you lay it out so simply. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing for K1 Visa
    pocket checklist. i will readig your blog so nice..................>.:)

  3. The K1 Visa enables the couple and their children to live in the United States while the Green Card paperwork is being processed.

    Obtaining the K1 Fiance visa is a transitional nonimmigrant status and your fiance will be immediately eligible to live in the U.S. once you have gotten married.

    1. A K1 Fiance Visa allows an noncitizen fiance to enter the United States as a nonimmigrant and live with their American fiance(e). Once your fiance(e) enters the United States you will to get married to them; then start the Adjustment of Status process so they can acquire a Green Card.

  4. Thanks for sharing this nice post. K visas are non-immigrant visas for fiancées/fiancés or spouses of U.S. citizens who intend to immigrate to the United States.

    Type of K Visas

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