Friday, March 2, 2012

Destination Wedding Do's & Don'ts...

When my now husband and I exchanged our vows on a secluded beach in Georgia, surrounded by aged driftwood and breathtakingly blue ocean, it's safe to say that we were pleased with our decision. It was an interesting journey though, planning, organizing and finalizing many details for our big day, far from the place where we would stand and face one other. Here's what we learnt:

DO seek out and trust personal recommendations. We attempted a few times to stray from the wise words of our wedding planner and each time we returned, tail between our legs and listened a little more closely to her opinion. When you are far from the wedding site and unable to interview people in person it's very easy to be landed with photographers, florists and hotel staff that refuse to place you as a priority despite the cash flow between you.

DON'T settle for less just because you don't know the area. Acclimate yourself as much as possible with the location and the nearby vendors. Seek out local and wedding forums, business directories and local articles written about their work wherever possible.

DO opt for outfits that are light and as close to wrinkle proof as possible. For the ladies; try to steer clear of too much beading and ordination as this weights the outfit down. Taffeta worked well as my fabric of choice, I had a small amount of steaming to do on the day but my Bridal Shop (Perfect Day Bridal, Malton, North Yorkshire) were beyond amazing. They professionally folded and packed my dress for free, ensuring that as it traveled across the world it would be ready to wear upon arrival. As far as fabrics go, dress made from silk and chiffon for instance, while lightweight, soft and easy to pack are fabrics well known to wrinkle at the drop of a hat. Be sure to have that hand steamer ready or plan to hire someone to do the deed for you when you reach your destination.

DON'T forget to check the tide schedule if you are planning on a beach wedding. Find the official website of the area and you should find all the information you need. At the very least it should refer you to a tourist phone line that can point you in the right direction. On the same note, make sure that there are no local festivals or events intended around the same few days of your ceremony... you don't want to be faced with set up or clean up issues from someone else's good time!

DO check the storm seasons for both the State and the area you are planning to visit. There are some great resources online (check the links below) that allow you to research weather and rainfall trends all across the USA.

DON'T forget to review the county's rules about glassware, candles, petals/confetti and public ceremonies before you book anything. If you use a wedding planner they should already we aware of the boundaries set in place but if you are keeping it simple with just a minister and want to have anything like the above mentioned, double check!

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