Thursday, April 18, 2013

Storm's A Brewin'!!

Well, Spring is officially here. It's detectable through the early morning sunshine, the ever-chirping birds and by the masses of yellow pollen that decorate every car on the block (and possibly the inside of my lungs, by the feel of it).

Here in East Tennessee, this wonderful season change, with all it's joy, hope and firm promises of a stellar sun tan, is usually accompanied by some fairly ferocious storms. Now, granted, Kansas we ain't, but pretty much every year we get a few 'good un's' that shake the walls of our little house and force myself and the family mutts to take refuge in the bathroom (no windows, a bathtub that get's packed with cushions... well, I'm sure you know the drill).

It's around this time of year that my husband and I always roll around to the same conversation, mostly centered around how our next home choice will be somewhat guided by ownership of a sturdy basement and possibly even brick walls (our little home shakes like a box of matches when the winds really pick up)... yet come July we've totally forgotten the weather threats of April, and we can only sigh in deep appreciation of living near to a nature reserve that fills our days and our nights with the soothing sounds of the local wildlife. We are nothing if not fickle.

Anyway, here's to hoping that this tornado/severe weather season passes us all with minimal devastation. As frightening as they can be, in areas such as ours where we tend to get just the edge of the worse storms, those fantastical colors light the sky in ways that small town UK folks like me have never seen before. Well, it's something else let me tell you. Breathtaking hardly seem to convey my reaction when the skies illuminate and all of nature seem to go quiet at once. Eery and unforgettable to say the least, but it's something I will also look forward to each Spring time, in my own simple way.

Gotta love those April showers, folks.

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