Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, New Challenges! Let's get cracking, shall we...?

Happy New Year one and all!

Welcome to 2013 and let's get cracking! My year has certainly started with a bang; my main challenge being one of poor health. However, it does give me a great platform to reveal some of my experiences with the US medical system in comparison to the (often missed truth be told) NHS back in the UK.

I have now officially toured the facilities at 4 US emergency rooms, 3 urgent care providers, 3 dental offices, 3 'alternative practitioner's' offices and an unmentionable amount of general physician's places of work (it's been quite the eye opener!). Not to mention the prescription/pharmacy system! I'm currently gathering my thoughts, insights and tips to share with all you US newbies (or US newbies to be) because lessons have been learnt, trust me.

I'm very grateful to be learning the 'tricks of the trade' so to speak at the moment and having the drawn out conversations that I am with our insurance company, numerous care providers and local labs (yes seriously, I've conversed with the folks who've read my bodily fluids through a microscope - mind blowing for an ex-NHSer right?). There really is so much to take in and I've made more than one costly mistake, so it's a goal of mine for me to share those with others who are new to the US medical insurance system in the hopes of helping out.

Look out for my upcoming posts on this topic and many more from my new(ish) home here in Tennessee, but most of all, enjoy this fresh, new start known as January - I hope the sun shines for y'all soon!

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