Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow Days... Keep Calm and Carry On... Please

Finally, Knoxville got it's dose of snow! It's now the end of January, the Christmas season feels far behind us and I just awoke to the most gorgeous layer of sparkling, snowflakes. Well, that gave me a very wintery smile indeed. Chances are that's the only 'real' snow we'll see this season in Knoxville, TN but it was well worth the wait, and certainly the beautiful views around my home have been stunningly enhanced by the glowing white all around.

However, due to the fact that these snowfalls grace us with their presence here so infrequently, this city seems to grind to a halt at even the slightest covering... seriously. Coming from a tiny village in the UK, not all too far from the North Yorkshire Moors, snow always represented to me cozy evenings in by a roaring, log fire, early morning salted roads requiring a spot of tactical driving here and there on the hills and enjoying the fresh air until your toes turned blue.

Here in Knoxville though, a panic arises from the snow covered ground. Children are swiftly pulled out of school as the sleet begins to descend, four-wheel drive vehicles skid along the interstates, just now learning what certain features were intended for, every grocery store is ransacked for 'must have' survival items such as Pop Tarts and Doritos, whilst the hatches and well and truly battened down for the citizens all around our area.

My poor hubby was released 3 hours early from work (brimming with 'snow day' excitement I might add) only to find himself camping out in standstill traffic for the full 3 hours, in his effort to get home and get snuggled. These were the consequences of maybe 1 1/2 inches of snow on the ground. I'd hate to think what we would look like if the zombie apocalypse ever hit.

So, basically, what I've learned this winter is that if I don't absolutely, positively, uncompromisingly HAVE to be somewhere once the weather turns cold or mildly threatening, then I'm staying put at home - albeit with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm beagle in my lap (a must have for the winter months by the way).

Even us hardy Yorkshire lass' know when it's time to hunker down and watch the madness on the TV instead!

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  1. I've been looking forward to a nesting day, tomorrow may be it !
    We have the same Winter system moving our way, just up'th road, stock up on tea and buns !
    Thank you for visiting my little place, I hope to stop by often ...