Monday, March 4, 2013

Cheap (or free!) Day Trips in the Mighty US of A!

As the sun begins to peek out from behind the last of the wintery, grey clouds here in east TN, my mind has started to lean toward new ideas for days out, basking in the southern sunlight!

However, as a young family on a pretty tight budget, cost is always going to factor into the way we choose to enjoy all those Tennessee rays. So what kind of adventures can be found, pretty much all across the USA, that can make for a fab day out but doesn't break the bank? Well, take a little look at these nifty ideas:

National State Parks - No matter where you live (or visit) in the US, visiting one or more State Parks is a worthwhile trip to make.  Lending their simple beauty and often complex history to tourists during most seasons, these are the kinds of places that you can visit repeatedly and still never get tired of the experiences they offer. Near Knoxville, we have the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and the hubby and I drive up at least 5 times a years, just to take it all in. Definitely a highlight of living where we do and often the best part of each new season as the colors change and the landscape shifts its beauty. Check out this link to find parks near you!

Festivals and Fairs - If you're looking to experience the heart of an area and it's community, try scouting out local festivals and fairs online. Whether it be arts and crafts, the county fair or storytelling under the stars, a lot of what you'll find is free entry (or low cost) and provides a truly heartwarming adventure into real, small town life. Click here for more info on finding fun, local days out.

Historic Sites - Again, a lot of free entries here, and combined with info that you can pull offline you may find yourself having a free day out, learning more than you suspected and finding a new appreciation for times past. Here in the south there's (obviously) no shortage of preserved sites to explore and old time stories to be regaled with! Take a look at this link to find historic sites near you.

Happy adventures!

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