Sunday, March 3, 2013

The US Health Food Conundrum... Where To Begin

Healthy living. How difficult can it be to get the right things in your body and to exclude those not so good things, that today's convenience food lifestyle constantly throws our way? Well, apparently it's pretty complex and between you and me, the contradicting opinions of what's good and what's not, what's natural and what's unnecessary, can be overwhelming even at the best of times.

Since I began my exploration into 'extreme' healthy eating and nutrition for healing about a year ago (in a, often successful, attempt to treat my Chronic Fatigue/Post Viral Syndrome!), I'm still yet to go to sleep at night having more answers floating around my curious brain, than questions. It's like a sinkhole of knowledge, each finding pulling you further into a mire of extreme variance and conflicting 'professional' opinions. One source will claim life changing benefits from a certain herb, plant or product, while yet another will declare ruin upon anyone who places trust in that particular method. It can all be a bit scary really, despite the fact that you're attempting to deal with 'natural' sources of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Who knew so much could go wrong during the search for real, whole food?

So what do you believe and what do you disregard? With so many differing opinions out there, it can be tough to weed out the good, the bad and the downright ugly, especially when, like me, you're starting from the bottom of the real food totem pole of knowledge. My rule of thumb is as follows; if I can find positive connections to a certain food that directly relate to my health concerns/goals, then I check out adverse effects in depth. Weighing up possible, claimed outcomes of this new concept (I like to consult a wide variety of forums where real people, not just so-called experts, can provide their experiences, both good, bad and non existent) against claims of unfavorable effects, can be a great starting block when considering an introduction of something new into your diet. It's amazing how much knowledge and passion people gather, once they start to experience the positive effects of dietary changes. Consider listening (albeit, critically) to those who have nothing to gain from sharing their findings, except for simple the joy of helping others to learn about the life changer that is real food. The tough this is, there's so much information to wade through out there, it's near impossible to discern what's credible and what's influenced by an unseen force (sad to say, but like the FDA - The US Food and Drug Administration).

Notoriously, the US is somewhat known for it's untrustworthy pharmaceutical and food education industry (these US powers that be are, after all, the people that put pizza in public schools and called it a vegetable equivalent). My advice? Research, research, research! Cross examine sources, get in touch personally with real people sharing their history through blogs or books. Believe me, once you dive into this world, it's hard to stop. Fulfilling is just not descriptive enough of a word.

Below are just a few links that I myself use. My hope is that they may inspire you to begin (or continue! Well done you!) your exploration into the awesome territory of taking control of your health and overcoming the modern food system and the complications it can provoke.
Natural News
100 Days of Real Food - Blog
EarthFare - Be Inspired, Real Life Stories of Change
Hungry For Change - Documentary
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead - Documentary (please note: this link is associated with Hulu so watchers outside of the US should search for another free streaming option online... it's worth it, I promise!)

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