Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Top 5 'Snow Day' TV Escapes...

Well, it's official. We have a snow day here in Knoxville. In March. And I'm housebound out here in the country since my (ancient) sporty little number doesn't offer the safest of drives when conditions are anything but perfect. Sigh.

Even though the dogs couldn't be happier, snow bunnies that they are, I'm beginning to scratch at the walls after several days just pottering around the house. As cabin fever sets in I've turned to the tube for temporary entertainment (and company!) and maybe even a little inspiration. So here I am to share my top five 'cabin fever relief shows'... enjoy!

Smash! - I'm just gonna go ahead and call this a more grown up version of Glee. Smash centers around one original new show and its journey to Broadway, and includes the (extremely, naturally) dramatic experiences of everyone involved. From the actors, to the feuding producers, to desperate wannabes - it's addictive, believe you me, and the music is fabbity fab!

Hart of Dixie - Total fluff but definitely one of my girly, feel good faves! Set in 'Bluebell', an imaginary small town in Alabama, this show follows a New York, go-getter of a doctor as she adapts to rural life and the new perspectives it brings. Think Doc Hollywood for a new generation.

People Like Us (UK) - I stream this online (just to get a taste of home, you know) and I have to say it's compulsive viewing. This documentary peeks in on the lives of several working class families living in outer Manchester and the antics they get up to. Some definite grimace moments, but plenty of feel good ones too (and don't we need them both!). Trash TV at its finest, if you ask me.

Modern Family - Somewhat of an oldie now (currently in it's fourth season) but this weekly, family centered comedy pulls chuckles from me each and every episode. A definite pick-me-up, whilst still providing perspective on whether or not your own family really are as mad as you suspect they are.

Face Off - This reality TV series follows wannabe Hollywood make up artists as they compete weekly, in their respective field for the grand prize of a ready-made career. These folks and their creations are seriously mind blowing, and four seasons in this household still can't get enough! Bring on screaming at the TV, this show gets intense!

So that's my top five for today, although trust me, I could go on. Between streaming from the UK (especially Channel 4 and BBC3) and the oodles of  US shows, I'm somewhat spoilt for choice when I get the chance to indulge my square eyes.

Check out these awesome shows too; The Walking Dead, Nashville, Spartacus and Game of Thrones (we're TV connoisseurs in our household - or addicts - whichever you prefer)... I suspect you'll be glad you did!

Happy Viewing!

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